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Tinker STEM Education

Student-centered learning based on computer science
to foster innovative creators

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Why Learn with Tinker Education

To foster innovative creators, Tinker Education realizes “student-centered STEM education”
based on computer science in association with South Korea’s top edTech company, EMCAST.


Students learn a variety of educational programming languages (EPL) for their competence of programming /coding. By learning to code, students are also learning mathematical and computational thinking, strategies for problem solving, systematic reason, project design and how to effectively communicate their ideas.

Physical Computing

Students learn to brings programming to life with physical computing. Students code and collaborate to invent and realize their ideas by doing hands-on activities with electronic gadgets such as LittleBits, Ozobots, Arduino, Micro:bit, etc.

Life Science

Science is everywhere in every sphere of life. By doing hands-on exciting experiments, students connect science to their everyday life and understand the principles of science that occur in their daily lives. It helps students enhance their natural curiosity and motivate them to enjoy science.

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" Tinker Education’s STEM training has made my son more creative and innovative. It provides education that we may not get from schools and anywhere else.
My 9 year old son, Douglas comes up with different ideas and realizes them and is able to explain what and how he made them. He challenges me. "

Dorcas Nderitu

Powered by Personalized Learning Platform

No students are left behind in Tinker Education. This is possible with the support of personalized e-learning platform.

Our lessons are student-centered as the program is delivered through e-learning allowing for students to study at their own pace and learn anywhere.
The powerful e-learning platform of Tinker Education enables no student leave behind from learning.

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“It has been a journey of growth, with my son being praised for his prowess in computing, at his school. Tinker education has opened my sons’ eyes to a new and interesting world.”

Diana Olenja, Parent

Tinker Events

June 12

12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Tinker Education starts its mathematics program (K-Math) for Grades 3 & 4 from June 12, 2018 (Tue)!  Overview The Tinker Math Program is for…

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