Tinker Education Participates in the Churchill Kids Festival

Tinker Education Participates in the Churchill Kids Festival

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Tinker Education joined the Churchill Kids Festival on August 25th. 


It was awesome to be in the presence of so many young children! A lot of parents and kids visited the Tinker Education booth to know and experience about the innovative future education STEM and the super K-Math programs.


Parents knew that Tinker’s STEM program is like no other since it is comprised of an outstanding curriculum, diverse learning resources, and online learning platform that help students learn in a fun and efficient way. Tinker Education’s focus is not just teaching coding. We focus on the child’s individual growth and cultivating problem-solving skills.

<Photos> Parents listen to the STEM programs of Tinker Education

On the other hand, kids enjoyed exciting learning programs and resources.
They experienced how physical computing and coding can create interesting games that they can play with their friends and other dynamic physical computing resources. All of the children really enjoyed tinkering with our learning resources.

<Photo> Kids enjoy Micro:bit and Ozobot games


Don’t be disappointed even though you missed this valuable opportunity.
You can experience the same programs by visiting the Tinker Education Academy in Lavington.

Why don’t you book a tour now to the Tinker Education Academy, and experience the best future education in East Africa at Tinker Education? 


Cf) Tinker’s 3rd term opens on September 8th (Saturday)!
Visit www.tinkeredu.net and click the blue “Apply” button to join today 🙂

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