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1. How to apply

Tinker Education classes run on a term (3 month) basis. Terms begin in January, May, and September, respectively.
Students should enroll in advance, before each term starts, in order to ensure their place.

Though it is recommended to enroll before the start of the term, it is possible to apply during the term. In case a student enrolls later after the term starts, the student is provided with one or two review lessons to catch up what he/she missed.

2. What programs will my child take?

Tinker Education classes are provided to students by level on the basis of its curriculum. Once enrolled, a new student should take a pre-assessment. This pre-assessment is used to diagnose students’ individual strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction and to allocate them to the appropriate level and class.

3. My child does not have coding experience at all. Is it possible to apply?

Yes, it is possible. We welcome students of all capabilities and backgrounds, whether they have coding or computer science experience or not.

Computer programming in early childhood education helps students to develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills by creating animations. Students learn foundational knowledge structures such as patterns and sequencing in math as well as narrative structure in literacy.

Teaching young children how to code is made possible by engaging students in a set of problem-solving steps to develop capacities that apply to most academic domains and are facilitated by the computational nature and curriculum-design of Tinker STEM Education.

4. How old should children be to take Tinker STEM courses?

Our programs are prepared for children aged from 4 to 15 years old.

5. How is a student advanced?

All our classes are operated on the basis of its curriculum. During and/or at the end of each term, students are evaluated to test their understanding and performance of the current term’s content. The results of which are detailed in a comprehensive exam and term report. Based on this overall evaluation, students can advance to the next level in the next term or re-take the current level to meet the standard to advance to the next level.

6. How long is the duration of a program?

Our program is totally based on the Tinker STEM curriculum. It is not project-based learning, so principally students should continue to learn and advance.
For convenience sake, we made our program level on a yearly basis. So, it is recommended to take courses at least three terms (9 months) in terms of the effect of education.

7. How much does it cost?

We charge monthly class payment. Depending on the course, which require consumable resources at every lesson like the life science with experiment, we additionally charge resource fee.

8. How can I be a partner of Tinker Education?

We provide STEM education not only to individual students but also to a group of students in partnership with schools, homeschool centers and any other learning institutes.
If you want to prepare your children for the new era by providing the new concept of education, please write an email to support@tinkeredu.net or call 0715 978 986.