Atuech’s Unicorn Adventure Game

Atuech’s Unicorn Adventure Game

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Our 9 year old Atuech Kinda who has been studying coding at Tinker Education for 2 years is working on building his own Adventure game.

What is an adventure game?

It is a computer or video game in which the player is a protagonist and explores an interactive story by making decisions. The player will either win or lose the game depending on his or her choices.

What does the code look like?

As shown above, the code is created in a way that there is a scenario and options are provided to the player.

Atuech Adventure game:
Atuech is working on a project in which a unicorn needs to make decisions to move around in the forest.

The player answers questions to help the unicorn move from one place to another. The player makes the decision on the choice and each choice has a different outcome.

Atuech created a program that receives the user’s keyboard input by using the input() function.

She was able to come up with an algorithm to make her project interesting. Atuech is able to make the complex content that she is learning and break it  down to what she understands. 

We are excited to see how the project turns out!

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