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Duration Of The Program

Tinker Education is modifying the course duration of this program from the usual term-based schedule to a one-and-a-half year graduation cycle.  Course content: 12 monthsUpskilling: 3 monthsPost-program support: 3 months Course Content Students will be required to invest a total of 12 months to complete the course content. The technical [...]

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Pre-requisite of the Web Development Program

Now that you know the age bracket for our new program, what exactly do the students need to have before taking part in it? A student needs to be between 11 - 17 years old andHave prior coding experienceComprehension skillsDigital Literacy skillsComputer Science fundamentals Why the Age? Children from the [...]

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Who can join?

Web development is a technical task. Anyone seeking to create a website needs to know a bit about technology such the programming languages used. If using a website builder, then a student needs to be familiar with the platform. Tinker Education’s new Web Development program will enroll students: Who are [...]

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What is Web Development?

In the 21st century, having a website is just part of running a business. Your website is where users discover, learn about, engage with, and buy from you. And it all begins with the creation of your site — in other words, with web development. Web development is the work [...]

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Web Development Course

Tinker Education is going to open the Full-stack Web Development course in January 2023. If you want to enroll in this new course, contact +254 715 978 986 or support@tinkeredu.net.

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Aisha’s Draw the house (Python)

Our 10 year old Aisha has been studying at Tinker Education for 4 years now. This term she is taking Python basic class. Aisha's Project:The project is a simple house colored in red with a white door at the front. The student decided to have the windows at the back [...]

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