Beautiful Squares using Variables

Beautiful Squares using Variables

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Meet Keli. He is a 9 years old Python programmer student. With passion for coding, Keli joined Tinker STEM Education to sharpen his coding skills. And so far, this is how it’s going.

The Making of Beautiful squares by Keli

In Computer Science, a variable is like a store, used to store information that will be used by programs written by the programmer.

Keli used the concept of variable in his Turtle Graphics class to draw different shapes and add colour to the shapes. Here are the steps he took in accomplishing his beautiful shapes 

  • Step 1: Using Python’s Arithmetic Operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, remainder) he was able to calculate for the dimensions of the shapes.
  • Step 2: He then set his output of mathematics calculation results by combining characters and numbers
  • Step 3: He followed by creating variables that save the shapes’ data such as side length, angles, and radius
  • Finally: He finally created a program that draws shapes by using variables that he defined

As simple as that, Keli’s shapes were drawn as seen below. Check out a short video of his coding process below. 

It is usually just a perception that coding is hard, and can only be done by software engineers. But, coding is simply giving instructions to a computer, something we all do everyday, so why not learn the computer language and give it even more fun and creative instructions to execute for you!

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