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Ping Pong Game

Studies reveal that creating and playing original online games help in children’s brain development. It also allows for creative self-expression, a deep understanding of game rules, structure and new ways of detecting personalities and interests. The players are often involved in planning and problem-solving.Moraa loves tinkering! She is currently a [...]

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Creating Web Forms

Databases allow software applications to store users' information. For instance, when a user signs up an account on YouTube, the user's information such as email, username and password is stored in a database. These data can be retrieved later, to help identify the user. To work with a database, web [...]

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Make Me Happy

Machine learning is based on the idea that systems can learn from the data that people feed them, identify patterns and make decisions on their own with less human intervention. Gabriella is an eight year old student. She is a very sweet, talented and curious girl. She enjoys discovering new ways [...]

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Creating Animations

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulates progress thus giving birth to evolution.” Children who tell their own stories foster creative thinking. They have to imagine a world with characters, movement and have to articulate the [...]

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The Dance Challenge Game with Python

This is a simple dance game built entirely using Python Programming  and the pygame module. In this game, Aaron, a 15 years old Tinker student coded so that his character dancer performs a sequence of moves. Aaron has been taking the STEM classes since 2018, and is now in the [...]

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Apple Collector Game Created by Mbula!

As an 11 year old taking STEM classes, Mbula Nzavi is always thinking and tinkering with PyGame Programming language. She finds making different projects through coding very interesting.  Instead of playing the online games, she likes to make her own games and play them with her brother. One example of [...]

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