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Broadcasting on Scratch

2018-08-08T13:03:33+09:00 Feb 23, 2018|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

Wednesday afternoons, our homeschoolers have been taking Intensive Coding classes using Scratch.

This course guides students to improve their problem solving ability using programming. In this aspect, students learn principle mathematical concepts – coordinates, directions, conditions (If-Then, Else) and variables, and apply it for Scratch coding.

Last week, our students were taught the concept of broadcasting, and how it applies to programming. Students created their own scenes where cats and bats race in a line with the referee’s starting signal.

Students code using broadcast blocks to understand the principles of event interaction in animation. An event is when a person enters an action on a computer, and the computer responds to it and a specific result occurs.

In other words, Broadcast blocks trigger specific scripts.

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