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Ray is a 13 year old student who recently started learning python at Tinker Education.This marks his first time with Tinker Education. HOW THE PROJECT WORKSThe project includes four differently colored turtles racing. They are provided with a ground which has a starting point for the race and a finish [...]

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March Camp: PyGame

Our first march 2022 camp has officially come to an end. We are thankful for all our students who participated.Jayden, one of our camp students, learned how to create a shooting game in python in just a week. HOW THE GAME WORKS:When the game starts, a fruit (it can be [...]

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Cloning of YouTube

In our Web development course, 11 year old Ayada is learning how to make a clone of YouTube in bubble.io. Bubble.io is a no code web developing program. THE PROJECT: The goal of this project is to create a website similar to that of YouTube, in other words a clone [...]

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Maria, Our 10 year old student has been studying at Tinker Education for 6 months now. In our Machine Learning class she is learning on how to recognize where the mail has to be sent based on the variables. HOW THE PROJECT WORKS1) The student writes the initial of a town [...]

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Smart Classroom – Machine Learning

Hannah is our 10 year old Student who is taking Scratch- Machine Learning course at Tinker Education. This is her 2nd term at Tinker Education.She is currently learning the concepts of machine learning through Scratch.See below on what she learns and how it is related to Machine learning in the [...]

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A shopping website, Microlike

Justine, our 12 year old student who is doing web development course at Tinker Education is currently working on a project to make a shopping website similar to that of amazon or jumia.co.ke Justine has been learning coding at Tinker for over 2 years now. Justine is interested in online [...]

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Shopping game

Mercy is our 8 year old student who has been learning coding at Tinker Education for the past one year.In this term, she has taken our Scratch Intensive course.In Scratch Intensive Course, we teach our students the in-depth fundamentals needed in Scratch and aid the students in creating their own [...]

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Coding Your Favorite Cartoon

“Coding is today’s language of creativity.” - Maria Klawe As Maria Klawe said, coding is all about creativity. And children are the most creative beings. You could only imagine the projects that children can create with the coding skills they learn at Tinker Education.Yasmeen is our 9 year old student [...]

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