Color Changing

Color Changing

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Romana, one of our youngest Scratch students presented his End of the term project last week. He created a project called “Color Changing”.

What is the project about?
There are two balls, one in turquoise and one in pink. When the sprite GIGA touches the ball, it changes its color to that of the ball.
As in, when GIGA touches pink ball, it changes its color to pink and when GIGA touches the turquoise ball it changes its color to turquoise.

How was the project made?
He got two balls and colored one pink and the other one turquoise. He then chose the background for the project from the available backgrounds in Scratch.
From the sprites tab, he chose 2 GIGA sprites and named them GIGA ‘A’ and GIGA ‘B’ accordingly. He colored GIGA ‘A’ pink and GIGA ‘B’ turquoise. He then added the conditional statements to make sure the GIGA changes color when it touches the ball.

Watch what he has to say about the whole experience with coding:

We also appreciate and love teaching you Romana! Thank you!

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