Generation Alpha – Our Future!

Generation Alpha – Our Future!

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As the simple dictionary describes, Generation Alpha are the children of the Millennial. They are considered to be the most technological-infused demographic up to date.
These children are born from 2010 to 2025. They are the first generation entirely born within the 21st century. They are also known as the iGeneration.

This is the generation that will co-live with advanced Artificial Intelligence, like self driving cars, voice to text features, virtual assistants and the list goes on.

Already, these children are the most connected, educated, and sophisticated generation ever, in fact most of our parents bring them to Tinker Education so that they can direct their curiosity and imagination through a proper direction of innovative learning.

“I want to start my own YouTube channel,
I am still brainstorming on the content of the channel,
but it is going to be epic ” Says Dylan, 8 years old Tinker student.

Considering that now, children know how to use computers, smart phones, ipads/tablets, they are making presentations in front of their peers, teachers and parents without much help. Don’t believe me? Welcome to Tinker Education and see for yourself!


“My YouTube channel helps me to
connect with people, where I share
with them my animation projects,
my coding projects from Tinker and
sometimes it’s just for fun,” says Gideon,
11 year old Tinker stage 3 student.

Perhaps one day we will share with you their content online, of course with their permission because they are the kinds of kids you ask them permission to share their YouTube channels.

I will leave you with this quote… “There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.” Brene Brown

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