Meet The Young Creative Annabelle

Meet The Young Creative Annabelle

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“When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play, and it is the play that stimulates creativity.” – Linda Naiman


Meet Annabelle, age 6, a student at Tinker Education; she is pursuing STEM education with computer science as an after school program. 

In January 2019, she came for a tour at our learning center with her mum. For her, coding was love at first sight! 


She started coding from beginner level using Scratch Junior language. She programmed her own interactive stories and games from which she learned how to solve problems, design projects, and express herself creatively on the computer.


Annabelle is now in the i: Block 2 class, she advanced to this level in the second term. She is currently learning with Scratch Basic, an object-oriented programming interface that uses blocks as scripts. It exposes her to more dynamic and challenging concepts.


Having built up creativity from her previous class, she is now able to make animation projects like, “Animate Your Name”, “Lost In Space” and “Dance Party”.



Annabelle’s projects portraying her creativity and charisma for coding.


Annabelle wants to be an Actress, Engineer, and a Doctor.

She believes that by learning STEM education, she will be able to come up with creative ideas that will help her in the acting scene.


As an  Engineer, she will apply mathematical concepts in planning and executing projects. 


Finally, as a doctor, she wants to be able to create a happy environment for kids by creating videos for sick children.


We hope she gains more knowledge and creativity to make her dreams come true!

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