Pre-requisite of the Web Development Program

Pre-requisite of the Web Development Program

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Now that you know the age bracket for our new program, what exactly do the students need to have before taking part in it?

  • A student needs to be between 11 – 17 years old and
  • Have prior coding experience
  • Comprehension skills
  • Digital Literacy skills
  • Computer Science fundamentals

Why the Age?

Children from the ages of 11 years old have already built sufficient comprehension skills from school. For example, they know how to properly read and write, they can express themselves verbally, they know basic arithmetic, they have been exposed to foundational scientific concepts, and have prior knowledge of how to operate a computer.

The full-stack web development program will admit students who already have the above-mentioned skills. Why? Coding encompasses everything from Language to Math to Science to History and Economics. A student is more likely to appreciate and enjoy coding if they have these comprehensive skills.

Why The Coding Experience?

As previously mentioned in our post “What Is Web Development”, a full-stack web developer needs to not only know but also master frontend coding as well as backend coding. Frontend coding involves knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are fairly technical languages. Backend coding requires a student to master Python and Python-related frameworks.

At the age of 11 years old and above, the likelihood of a student knowing all these are less likely. But they need to have basic knowledge of computer science concepts such as:

  • Algorithms
  • Decomposition
  • Abstraction
  • Pattern recognition

Students do not necessarily have to know HTML to get started, but they need the ability to quickly pick that knowledge up and build on it.

What If A Student Lacks Prior Coding Experience?

No child will be left out. Despite the prerequisites, any child and all children have the potential to participate in the new program. Tinker Education has in place plans to prepare its students for the program.

[For the website, use this table]

Scratch Junior6 – 8 years Introduction to graphical-based coding
Scratch Basic8 – 10 yearsUpskilling on Scratch
Python9 – 10 yearsIntroduction to text-based coding
JavaScript10 – 11 yearsIntroduction to front-end development
No-code with Bubble10 – 11 yearsFull-stack development with no-code

Students who join Tinker Education are usually properly assessed and guided through the above courses. We expose students to the courses in their order to ensure they gradually develop the necessary skills. It is especially important for all students to know Python, JavaScript, and No-code with Bubble before being admitted to the more advanced Full-stack Web Development program.

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