Smart Classroom – Machine Learning

Smart Classroom – Machine Learning

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Hannah is our 10 year old Student who is taking Scratch- Machine Learning course at Tinker Education. This is her 2nd term at Tinker Education.
She is currently learning the concepts of machine learning through Scratch.
See below on what she learns and how it is related to Machine learning in the real world. 

How it is taught:
First Hannah clicks the green flag and adds any common command such as “Fan on, Lamp on”.
Through this, the computer is trained on the common basic commands that are related to fan/lamp on/off.

Common Commands

Second, she adds a command that is not a common command but still the computer recognizes that it is similar to one of the actions such as “I’m cold” > “turn off” and performs the action.

Uncommon Command

The concept of Machine Learning Through Scratch:
Even though Hannah doesn’t specify the command to turn on or off, with other commands she provided, the machine categorized it into:
Fan related command
Light related command
And performed the action accordingly.

What did the student learn through this?
This is the concept commonly used for algorithms in Youtuber, Netflix, etc.
Based on previous watches, the machine categorized the type/genre of content you prefer and performs/provides action/content accordingly.


This is how through scratch, the common concepts of Machine learning are taught to our children!

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