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Sprites Walking in a Straight Line

2018-07-24T16:39:54+09:00 Feb 1, 2018|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

Last week in Scratch Coding, students used their animation skills to create projects on their own. The challenge set by the teacher was simple and yet tested the student’s ability to use programming commands in an efficient manner.


Sounds easy, right?



Each student used their own creativity to make a sprite (character) walk in a straight line. Not only did the sprite walk across the screen, but its legs took strides in animated motion.

For fun, some added an object to move as well and coded for both.



The scripts below show how this activity can be modified by applying foundation programming skills taught in Tinker Scratch Basic classes. Sprites can be instructed to walk in a straight line both left and right, or glide along a path using coordinates.



Have fun remixing and revising simple projects to improve your design competency.


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