Star Patterns by Ayanda

Star Patterns by Ayanda

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Many times we know that art is either a drawing or a painting, sometimes it can be stitched as well, like the patterns in clothes or tablecloths. But did you know that art can also be simply coded for? That is what Ayanda, 9 and a half years old student, designed this week.

While she continues to sharpen her skills in Python programming, Ayanda has had her hands full not only applying the programming knowledge she has learned in class but also being creative with it

She explained that for these patterns to form, she had to apply the concepts of loops (which is used to iterate over a sequence). This way after coding, when she runs her program different patterns are able to auto display without her having to repeat the process over again.

Having started coding at age 7 when she attended the Tinker holiday camp, back then she wanted to test the waters, she did not know what coding is so she just went with the idea that she could make her own games and animation stories to show her dad, mum and sister.

 Later when she delved deeper into the learning, she realized that not only can one make these fun projects with coding but also she can apply her own creativity to it. Most excitedly for her she gets to present to her classmates whether it was online or offline, and show them her creative colourful designs.

Check out her Star patterns at:

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