Tickle and Make It Smile!

Tickle and Make It Smile!

2020-02-12T11:51:13+09:00 Feb 12, 2020|Tinker Stories|0 Comments

Do you smile when you get tickled?

You can make Micro:bit smile too!

Last week at Tinker, we learned to make Micro:bit smile when we tickle them. 

Micro:bit has input and output pins, and we can use Python to code it to make a specific output when an input is made. 

When you tickle your friend (input), your friend will start laughing (output).

And we learned that Micro:bit can do the same. 

This time, we tried a very simple code using touched() method. 

So whenever we touch (or tickle) the Micro:bit, a sad face will turn to a happy face!

Isn’t it amazing and fun how we can program it with such a simple code?

You can apply this to make so many simple and creative programs. 

In next week’s class, we will try to make music with Micro:bit. 

Sounds fun? 

We will see you next week!

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