Using Scratch Block Stickers

Using Scratch Block Stickers

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Did you guess what the students are doing?


They’re planning their own coding script with Scratch block stickers!

Scratch is a programming language, and coding can be done with blocks.

We brought these block stickers from South Korea.



How do students make their Scratch project?


Step 1: Students think and plan how they will make their Scratch project.

Step 2: They use block stickers in their journals based on their planning.

Step 3: Students code on Scratch to make their plans come true!

In this class, students applied their knowledge of coordinates and setting directions and in making their Scratch project.



What can students do on Scratch?


Students can add or delete their sprite (character), change the sprite’s color, decrease the sprite’s size, and so much more! They can code infinitely on Scratch once they learn the function of various blocks.

It’s so fun that they don’t even realize that they’re learning!


Does this look interesting?


Gift your children with the opportunity to learn STEM the fun way!

We look forward to seeing you at Tinker 🙂

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