Class Schedule

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Classes run on a term basis.

Tinker Education classes run on a term (3 months) basis. Terms begin in January, May and September, respectively. During school holidays in August and December every year, we hold a special one week camp to any students who want to join.

Class Calendar

2019 3rd Term (September – November)
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1-Sep 2-Sep 3-Sep 4-Sep 5-Sep 6-Sep 7-Sep
Lesson 1 8-Sep 9-Sep 10-Sep 11-Sep 12-Sep 13-Sep 14-Sep
Lesson 2 15-Sep 16-Sep 17-Sep 18-Sep 19-Sep 20-Sep 21-Sep
Lesson 3 22-Sep 23-Sep 24-Sep 25-Sep 26-Sep 27-Sep 28-Sep
Lesson 4 29-Sep 30-Sep 1-Oct 2-Oct 3-Oct 4-Oct 5-Oct
Lesson 5 6-Oct 7-Oct 8-Oct 9-Oct 10-Oct 11-Oct 12-Oct
Lesson 6 13-Oct 14-Oct 15-Oct 16-Oct 17-Oct 18-Oct 19-Oct
Lesson 7 20-Oct 21-Oct 22-Oct 23-Oct 24-Oct 25-Oct 26-Oct
Lesson 8 27-Oct 28-Oct 29-Oct 30-Oct 31-Oct 1-Nov 2-Nov
Lesson 9 3-Nov 4-Nov 5-Nov 6-Nov 7-Nov 8-Nov 9-Nov
Lesson 10 10-Nov 11-Nov 12-Nov 13-Nov 14-Nov 15-Nov 16-Nov
Lesson 11 17-Nov 18-Nov 19-Nov 20-Nov 21-Nov 22-Nov 23-Nov
Assessment 24-Nov 25-Nov 26-Nov 27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov 30-Nov

Holiday Bootcamp Schedule

2019 April Bootcamp
15 -18 April, 2019 / Monday to Thursday
2019 August Bootcamp
12-16 August, 2019 / Monday to Friday