Who can join?

Who can join?

2022-11-27T20:21:48+09:00 Nov 27, 2022|News|0 Comments

Web development is a technical task. Anyone seeking to create a website needs to know a bit about technology such the programming languages used. If using a website builder, then a student needs to be familiar with the platform.

Tinker Education’s new Web Development program will enroll students:

  • Who are 11 years and older
  • Who have coding experience

This program requires a student to be already familiar with how to code. They should also know basic computer science concepts such as algorithms, decomposition, abstraction et cetera.

We know that some students interested in the program may not be ready for it. We have plans in place to get them up to speed. Our current students have a greater chance of getting into the program given their prior background knowledge in STEM and Computer Science.

Regardless of where they are at, all students will be properly guided to be accepted into the program.

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