Our Team

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We are changing the future of education and our children all together.

Tinker Education is in Nairobi but works hand in hand with its HQ, EMCAST, in South Korea. Tinker’s faculty and staff alongside with EMCAST’s Contents Team, Design Team, and Engineering Team collaborate closely to provide the best quality education to our children. Together, we strive to create the best quality contents, education resources, and learning experience for our children’s future.

Tinker Education Team

Serena Sungae Son

General Manager

Tinker Education & HQ, EMCAST

Pamela Paik

Assistant Manager

Tinker Education & HQ, EMCAST


Julian Koech


Marketing & Administration

Solomon Nderu

Operation Manager

Administration & Maintenance

Gitau Harrison

STEM Instructor

Mercy Muchangi

STEM Instructor


Gyusik Ji

Content Planner
(Educational Contents)

Baekwoon Song

Manager of E-learning System Planning and Operation

Minjeong Kang

Web Programmer

Minkyoung Park

Manager of System Development & Operation

Hyeong Geun Kim

Manager of Digital Content Developmen

Min Seok Kong

Content Designer

Rok Young Kim

E-learning System Programmer

Eun Hye Choi

Manager of Design

Hyoung Kyu Choi

Head of Engineering Department

Sung Woung Choi

Head of Contents Department

Taehyoung Kim

CMO/ Co-founder

Jungwoung Kim