Apple Collector Game Created by Mbula!

Apple Collector Game Created by Mbula!

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As an 11 year old taking STEM classes, Mbula Nzavi is always thinking and tinkering with PyGame Programming language.

She finds making different projects through coding very interesting. 

Instead of playing the online games, she likes to make her own games and play them with her brother. One example of her game is the apple collector.

Using coordinates to position images of the snake and the apple which are her characters on the screen, she created functions that allowed the code to reuse the characters to move around the screen continuously. She also used the concept of conditions that created the characters  to move randomly within the game.

How the Game Works

Mbula coded to use the keyboard as controllers whereby using the arrow keys, one is able to move the snake to where the apple is, the catch of the game is that the apple is pre-programmed to avoid the snake, making it hard to catch the apple! Once the player is able to use the snake to catch the apple, they get points (which is also programmed to record the marks once an apple is caught).

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