Balloon Flight Game

Balloon Flight Game

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Python is a module and programming language that allows for creation of games. Through coding Games, students get to learn critical thinking. Critical thinking is the ability to take information, then instead of simply memorizing it, analyze it, draw conclusions and find practical applications.

One example project that Tinker students built entirely by Pygame language is the Balloon flight game.

When the game starts, a hot-air balloon appears in the middle of the screen. You need to use the mouse button to make the balloon rise or fall. The challenge is to keep the balloon in the air without hitting any birds, houses, or trees. For every obstacle you avoid, you will score one point.

But as soon as you hit one, the game is over. 

When students are taught to think critically, they develop these skills and grow into lifelong productive employers/employees who make best decisions.

The key to getting students to pick up these important skills is to engage them in the learning process. Coding-based learning is one of the tools that can be a great tool to help facilitate student engagement. Check out the video below of the Balloon Flight Game!

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