Build Your Own Art Bot with LittleBits

Build Your Own Art Bot with LittleBits

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Do you like drawing?

What if you could build a machine that creates art on its own?


In this project, students used craft materials and electrical parts in LittleBits to make a robot that draws different designs.




Through this activity, students learned the basics of creating a simple circuit with a switch.

As seen below, LittleBits modules are colour-coded and snap together with magnets.



Students can do easy engineering by arranging power, input and output modules in a specific order.

Students began by preparing the Art bot circuit using a battery and DC motor.





Using their own creativity, students came up with innovative designs using recyclable materials

such as cardboard wheels, plastic cups, markers, crayons and more.





Let the Art Bots loose on paper to create awesome swirls, scribbles, circles, and zig-zags!

See how the i:Code 1 class had fun tinkering to make their own art bots!




Incorporating Art within our Tinker STEM Education program is igniting our students’ creativity!


Real-life Application:


The “Scribit” is an art bot or writing robot that can draw, erase and redraw digital content

on any vertical plane surface developed  by MIT professor Carlo Ratti in 2018.

It turns walls into a canvas and can draw any content sourced from the web, and update it in real time.




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