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Mulu’s Bird Game

Mulu, 8 years old, started the Tinker STEM program when he was 7 years. His mum saw the curiosity in Mulu at home and interest in technology and enrolled him at Tinker. For a student doing coding for the first time, Mulu was quite exceptional at how he planned his [...]

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Scratch Machine Learning at Tinker Education!

Have you heard of automated driving? Or know how on Facebook before tagging someone on their photos, their names pop up automatically even before you type it! This is an example of how Machine Learning works. Tinker Education 2020 curriculum introduced Machine Learning course for the most advanced class. The [...]

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Young Scientists Making a Sundial

Throwback to how time was told in the past! The sundial as we know is used to indicate time by the way it casts shadow based on the position of the sun. The Young Scientists of Tinker Education learnt different concepts such as how shadows are formed, the earth’s axis, [...]

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Tickle and Make It Smile!

Do you smile when you get tickled? You can make Micro:bit smile too! Last week at Tinker, we learned to make Micro:bit smile when we tickle them.  Micro:bit has input and output pins, and we can use Python to code it to make a specific output when an input is [...]

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They Came, They Saw, They Got Coding

Term 3 is over! What a great term it has been! The Tinker Education students have been having long weeks, from their regular school on weekdays to Saturday after school STEM program on Saturdays.    The term has been so great with the advanced i:Imagine class presenting to their parents [...]

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Welcome To The World of 2D and 3D Animation Creativity!

(cr. https://www.lifehack.org/articles/technology/10-reasons-why-minecraft-beneficial-for-your-kids.html)   It’s the December Holidays! Tinker Education is pleased to invite kids age 5 - 15 years old to the Computer Science and Minecraft Bootcamp. In this increasingly digital world, children must become fluent in current technologies. To help children build a strong social ties and improve other [...]

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