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Coding Challenge Project_Series 1

Covid-19 Information Chatbot For the 2020 Coding Challenge, Fernando and Lyon, the two brilliant 12 and 14 year old respectively, partnered up and created the chatbot project with Machine Learning, which gives information on Covid-19! They teamed up and at their own time, they met and discussed an idea online. [...]

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2020 Coding Challenge Completed

‘After hardship comes relief’ It’s been a long year, full of drastic changes around the world. The Pandemic has not just affected the lives of people in terms of health, it has affected the learning system, the economies of the world and so much more. From this hardship however, we [...]

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Kevin’s Coded Snowman!

Christmas is here! And guys are getting creative in the Christmas spirit. Kevin just  joined Tinker STEM Education this term. At the age of 14 years, he has developed a liking in Coding. Kevin joined the August camp after his dad identified Tinker program online, when Kevin was suggested for [...]

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Balloon Buster Game

Mulu, 10 years old has been working on creating his Balloon Buster projects the past few days in his Scratch class.! During this season of homeschooling, working, and playing at home, kids are glued to screens more often than not. Fortunately for some, their  classes with their schools, their time [...]

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She made a Brick Bouncer Game!

Mokeira confidently and eloquently expressed her game using the video that she created. Mokeira joined Tinker while she was 6 years old. Her teachers have seen her growth and development in the mastery of the Scratch Platform. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to quickly comprehend concepts that [...]

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Star Patterns by Ayanda

Many times we know that art is either a drawing or a painting, sometimes it can be stitched as well, like the patterns in clothes or tablecloths. But did you know that art can also be simply coded for? That is what Ayanda, 9 and a half years old student, [...]

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Beautiful Snowman built by Mbula

Surely with a little encouragement and great support, young kids can do amazing things. This is Mbula, she is only 8 years old but does not cease to amaze her teacher and parents.  With her beautiful imagination, Mbula made a  snowman by way of coding! She combined her favourite colours [...]

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Mulu’s Bird Game

Mulu, 8 years old, started the Tinker STEM program when he was 7 years. His mum saw the curiosity in Mulu at home and interest in technology and enrolled him at Tinker. For a student doing coding for the first time, Mulu was quite exceptional at how he planned his [...]

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Scratch Machine Learning at Tinker Education!

Have you heard of automated driving? Or know how on Facebook before tagging someone on their photos, their names pop up automatically even before you type it! This is an example of how Machine Learning works. Tinker Education 2020 curriculum introduced Machine Learning course for the most advanced class. The [...]

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