Coding Your Favorite Cartoon

Coding Your Favorite Cartoon

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“Coding is today’s language of creativity.” – Maria Klawe

As Maria Klawe said, coding is all about creativity. And children are the most creative beings. You could only imagine the projects that children can create with the coding skills they learn at Tinker Education.

Yasmeen is our 9 year old student who has been taking classes at Tinker Education for 3 years now. This term she is taking our Scratch Game course and learning about creating games through coding. 

Do you know what makes a game good?
There are 3 main aspects that make a game good.
– Aesthetics: The appearance of the game
– Mechanism: The controllers of the game
– Story: the concept of the game.

With this concept, Yasmeen is creating a game all by herself with the notions she learned. She named the project “Coding Your Favorite Cartoon”. 

What did she do? How did she do it?
Yasmeen used the blocks she learned to create her Animation.
She had taken the characters from her favorite cartoons and added them in one background.
Next Costume Block: Following that she added different costumes in order to make it look like an action.
Play sound block: Then she added sounds and words that each character will say upon the click of the mouse.
Change size block: She then added the size block to make it big to make it look like the character was closer when clicked.
Loop block: She then added the loops block to make the size of the character change

What do you think of her skills?
Did she grasp the concept of gaming well?

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