Coding Challenge Project_Series 1

Coding Challenge Project_Series 1

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Covid-19 Information Chatbot

For the 2020 Coding Challenge, Fernando and Lyon, the two brilliant 12 and 14 year old respectively, partnered up and created the chatbot project with Machine Learning, which gives information on Covid-19!

They teamed up and at their own time, they met and discussed an idea online. With the help of the teacher, they divided roles and began the process of bringing together their idea into a working prototype.

They discussed over how they could help their friends have more and exact information about the COVID-19 to protect them from infection.

They used the Scratch Machine Learning to create the chatbot to answer the questions about the COVID-19. In this video, they introduce what and how they created their project together.

How impressive that these young students thought of a perfect solution to create awareness of the pandemic through coding!

COVID-19 INFO Chatbot created by Lyon and Fernando

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