Grape Eating Game with Ozobot

Grape Eating Game with Ozobot

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In this lesson, students program their Ozobot, a physical computing robot
that moves along a line and represents real life sensors and coding.



Students were introduced to how the Ozobot recognizes lines using a marker.



The lesson mission was simple: draw a game board in which the Ozobot catches grapes.


To win, students need to program their Ozobot to collect more grapes
while following a single line towards the finish point.




Through this activity,
students understand Ozobot’s line navigation ability and how the Ozobot senses the line it follows .



Real-life Application:

Ozobot’s sensors to move along a line is very similar technology to
how self-driving cars are able to recognize the road and drive in a straight path.


See how Alan, age 10, is coding for his Ozobot to follow the path he has created:


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