Making a Happy Animal

Making a Happy Animal

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Machine learning is based on the idea that systems can learn from data that people feed them, identify patterns and make decisions on their own with less human intervention.

For example, how Netflix suggests shows for its viewers based on the previously watched shows, or self driving cars which uses machine learning to see their surroundings and make sense of how it works.

Today, we would like to share one of our student’s projects where he teaches a bear about different feelings using  Machine Learning. He first starts by teaching the bear which words are happy ones and which are sad.

Once the bear learns the words, he teaches it how to react to the words and what to comment on them based on it’s “understanding”.

From the video below, you can see that once he types in a bad word, the bear cries whereas  when he types a good word, the bear smiles or is happy. This is to show that the student understands how supervised learning builds systems that can deal with unexpected situations.

The project also helped him learn how computers can be trained to recognize emotional tone, as the bear acts as the trained system.

How fun is this! Imagine all the training you could give to a computer just for it to carry out responsibilities or even entertain you. It only takes a term to learn how to do this and the rest is up to you.

Enjoy Mulu’s video below for more information.

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