“My child has learned how to code. What is the next step?”

“My child has learned how to code. What is the next step?”

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Tinker Education’s new program seeks to answer the question, “My child has learned how to code. What is the next step?”

We believe that knowledge is only potential power. It becomes real power when directed towards the achievement of a common goal. Being in the classroom serves to increase a learner’s cognitive capacity. The real benefit comes from applying that knowledge.

Given this sound background, Tinker Education aims for two things:

  • Creating value through employment
  • Creating value through entrepreneurship

Creating Value Through Employment

This program does not seek to provide employment opportunities to our children. No. This goal aims to provide insight to our children that one way their new knowledge can be of use is by working with someone else to achieve a certain goal. Our students learn that they can put to good use their knowledge and skills by serving a common purpose with someone who already has a big plan.

Potential persons include our parents, our schools, and local companies that would greatly benefit from digital transformation.

As fun as technology is, it is not a rose in the park to get an opportunity to work with someone. The program seeks to expose the kids to:

  • How to prepare for such an opportunity
  • How to look for such an opportunity
  • How to conduct oneself when such an opportunity arises
  • How to overcome rejection when we fail to get such an opportunity
  • How to try again

Creating Value Through Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the creation or extraction of economic value. It involves finding a solution to a problem and making a profit out of it. The skills needed in entrepreneurship are vastly different from those needed for employment.

This program seeks to introduce and expose our students to the fact that they can turn their skills and knowledge into a tangible outcome with economic benefits. We strive to learn from the greats such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk all of who started as programmers and have grown to build enterprises that provide immense value globally.

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