Pick a Peach with Scratch Blocks

Pick a Peach with Scratch Blocks

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A peach has fallen from the tree and we want to pick it up.

But not with our hands, rather with our code!


Let’s take a peek of how these amazing 5 year olds coded for their fallen peaches.


Kids plan their ideas on how to make peaches fall from trees with Scratch stickers based on algorithmic thinking. 

They move their plan to computer to implement it by use of different Scratch blocks. 

After selecting the sprites (characters), students use the “start on tap” blocks to turn the peaches and drop them on the ground when they are tapped.

Then, students went on to code using the “wait” block which makes the peach to stay on the ground for 5 minutes before it can be picked up.

5 minutes later, the peach is picked and returned back to the tree! Of course by using the “Go home” block.

This whole process require the knowledge of coordinates to know the number of times it takes for the peach to fall using the grid on Scratch.

Photo 1. Using Scratch stickers, kids plan and program based on algorithmic thinking before coding on computer.

Photo 2. Kids discuss with their team mates and code to make peaches fall from a tree.


Video: Kids show and explain to teacher and classmates how they plan and code peaches fall from trees.


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