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Arduino Coding for Playing a Melody Based on Electricity Principle

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 Tinker students enrolled in the IoT (Internet of Things) class have exercised their knowledge of electric energy from last term to master Arduino.

In the 3-part lesson for Play a Melody students learnt:

  • to play a buzzer with one button
  • to light 6 LEDs using an array and a for loop
  • to play a melody of their choice using each of the six buttons

Tinker STEM Education is all about learning key concepts and using the Engineering Design Process to create on your own.

For this proje

The most challenging part for students came during testing and debugging. Teacher Harrison thoroughly examined for:

  1. Neat and accurate circuit engineering
  2. Steps taken to write Arduino code
  3. The influence of manipulating hardware using programming and the overall functionality of the project

Being able to control hardware using software opens up various opportunities for building digital devices and interactive objects.

So go ahead and begin inventing on your own using your algorithmic thinking skills. You can do it!


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