They Came, They Saw, They Got Coding

They Came, They Saw, They Got Coding

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Term 3 is over! What a great term it has been!

The Tinker Education students have been having long weeks, from their regular school on weekdays to Saturday after school STEM program on Saturdays. 


The term has been so great with the advanced i:Imagine class presenting to their parents and classmates what they were able to invent for themselves. They have been working on this throughout the term.


Rehema and Imani


These two students have really come from far! Today we recognize and celebrate them for the successful completion of Micro:Bit Extension coding course and the Scratch Basic coding course. Now they can go and confidently apply their skills to solve real life problems in the world as they present excellent problem solving skills, algorithmic and computational thinking.


Rehema, Mureithi and Gideone’s Glide 360’s Cleaning Car

The students have been working tirelessly to make their inventions come true. After a long process of Asking, Imagining, Planig, Creating and Improving, they came up with  a cleaning car made out of Micro:Bit and MotorBit modules.


They coded for the motors to move the two wheels while the motor rotates to clean the surface. Check it out below!


Joy’s Night Clock

Joy on the other hand is a morning person who likes to start her day early. 

She invented a super clock that works simultaneously as the night lamp. 


It serves as a clock to tell the time and a night light to give light at night! There is a code on the Arduino board that turns on the clock, the breadboard is used to hold all the wires so they can fit. 

The battery is so that the clock functions without having it plugged into a computer. The light is connected to a switch on the side, with the battery next to the Arduino battery.   

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