Tour Kenya with Ozobot

Tour Kenya with Ozobot

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Have you ever toured Kenya with Ozobot?


How fun it is to learn about the cities in Kenya by sending your Ozobot (toy robot that teaches programming)

to tour the different cities with different characteristics!

Check out how i:Code 1 students’ action plan accomplished this.


Step 1: Identify the main cities in Kenya and their unique features


The students brainstormed about unique features found in different cities like banas in Kissii, fishing in Kisumu, beach in Mombasa etc.



Step 2: Draw the map of Kenya


Not just the map of Kenya as it is, students included the different cities on the map as well.



Step 3: Add the Ozobubbles on the map


With the identified cities, students went on to drawing different dotted colours on the map, which are called Ozobubbles.

This will guide the Ozobot using pattern recognition to move from one city to another.



See the completed mission!


Want a more fun way to study algorithm and pattern recognition using the Ozobot?

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